EBRD Legal Transition TEAM

Michel Nussbaumer

Jelena Madir
Chief Counsel, Financial Law Unit

Catherine Bridge Zoller
Senior Counsel, Insolvency and Debt Restructuring

Gian Piero Cigna
Senior Counsel, Corporate Governance

Paul Moffatt
Senior Counsel, Information Communication Technology and Natural Resources

Eliza Niewiadomska
Senior Counsel, Public Procurement

Kim O’Sullivan
Senior Counsel, Contract Enforcement

Alexei Zverev
Senior Counsel, Concessions/PPPs

Vesselina Haralampieva
Principal Counsel, Energy

Pavle Djuric
Counsel, Corporate Governance

Olya Kroytor
Counsel, Public Procurement and Contract Enforcement

Milot Ahma

Iryna Yelisyeyeva

Legal transition developments

Information on legal developments in the countries where the EBRD invests can be found on the EBRD website at

Law in transition

Law in transition is published in the spring of each year. It is available in both English and Russian at

General Counsel of the EBRD
Marie-Anne Birken

Michel Nussbaumer

Mike McDonough

Founding Editor
Gerard Sanders

Oya Osman

Editorial Production
Chris Booth, Dermot Doorly, Jane Ross, Natasha Treloar

Design and Print Management
Gaëlle Alliot, Daniel Kelly


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